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Bailey Matthews

Bailey Matthews

I'm a junior full-stack developer based in Tamworth, currently working for Expert Trades.

Made my first open-source contribution to Jexia on Github.

February 2020

Started studying A level Computer Science at Chase Terrace Technology College.

September 2019

Started studying A level Economics at King Edward VI School.

September 2019

Started studying A level Business at King Edward VI School.

September 2019

Expert Trades

Junior Full-Stack Developerat Expert Trades

August 2019 to Present

This was my first step into working in an environment where my role was a full-stack developer. This role has tested my communication skills as my line-manager, the CTO, was not a native English speaker. This presented some challenges when describing technical information but we have managed to overcome this issue. My tasks included looking after their website packages, their Verified project and backend API. Due to still being in education, I worked mostly remotely and went into the office for 1 day a week and for meetings.

Attempted the Discord Hack Week as part of the team Finione.

June 2019

Achieved a level 8 in GCSE Computer Science.

June 2019

Created my first open-source project, a Go library for the UnbelievaBoat Discord bot API.

May 2019

Drayton Manor Hotel

Food and Beverage Hostat Drayton Manor Hotel

March 2019 to August 2019

I originally took this job as my first, to get into the "world of work". I don't have plans to stay here as it's not a career I wish to endeavour into but it has helped grow my skills regarding communication, working as part of a large team and customer relations. Which are important when building products for a user group or company while working as a team to get the project finished to a high standard.

Hue Observer Ltd

CEO & Founderat Hue Observer Ltd

January 2019 to Present

I created this company to act as a legal side part to my personal project that involves analytical software, mainly written in Go (golang). I have big plans for this project over a long time-period and hope to one day become fully supported by my own accomplishments.

I founded Hue Observer Ltd.

January 2019

Created my first commit for my analytics Discord bot namedHue.

June 2016


Web Developer Internat IMPUK

June 2018

I gained first-hand experience within a small media company that specialises in web design and graphic design. During the week I was there, I was given a few important roles such as debugging and fixing an app that was to be shipped to a client of theirs.

Started studying GCSE Computer Science at The Rawlett School.

September 2017

Became a member of HelioHost.

August 2017

Created my first Github repository and made my first 7 commits.

April 2017

Opened my first Github issue which was on SniperGER's Framework7-WatchUI repository.

March 2017

Joined Github as BaileyJM02.

June 2016

Built my fisrt game using Scratch.

May 2014

Brought my first laptop and started learning Python.

October 2010

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