I’m currently enjoying working with Go, sometimes referred to as Golang, and investigating ways to use Go in a production environment where there are potentially hundreds of requests each second, over a prolonged period of time. I have recently purchased a Raspberry PI and plan on using this to learn distributed computing in Go and how to create, maintain and update Kubernetes clusters. Aside from tech, I also enjoy:

  • Swimming
  • Walking
  • Action Movies

See, I’m not just a computer geek, maybe…


Most of my projects are over at my GitHub. I work on many small projects, mostly in Go, but I have also used shell, scary. Feel free to check them all, here are the top three that spring to mind:

#Jexia SDK (Go)

An unofficial multi-level API wrapper for Jexia’s API written in Go for interacting with Jexia projects. The aims of this project are to support everything Jexia’s JavaScript SDK currently does, but in a way friendly to the Go eco-system.

#Markdown to PDF

A GitHub Action that creates PDF and HTML files from Markdown. it has options to change the outputted CSS theme and uses a unique approach to images in PDFs by hosting them on an internal server and then rendering the PDF, allowing images to be changed into the Base64 format.

#Jexia Deploy Action

A GitHub Action to automatically request Jexia to redeploy your application. It was originally created by me and was moved to an official repository on Jexia’s GitHub organisation. It includes a few notable features, such as:

  • The ability to set the projects API Key and API Secret from within GitHub;
  • The ability to wait until the project has been deployed before the workflow finishes, be default we just ask for it to be redeployed.

There is also a blog post in the publishing for Jexia on GitHub Actions and how to deploy using this particular action.


I’m currently employed at Expert Trades, this is my first job within the technology industry, my official role is a junior full-stack developer. The role initially tested my communication skills as my line-manager, the CTO, is not a native English speaker. This presented some challenges when describing technical information but we have managed to overcome the issue as a team.

My day-to-day tasks included looking after their website packages, their Verified and ToolTalk projects, along with the backend API and servers. Due to still being in education, I work mostly remotely and go into the office for 1 day a week and for meetings.

The tech stack is:

  • PHP 5 & 7
  • Angular 2..8
  • Vue 2
  • Ubuntu servers hosted with Google Console
  • MySQL
  • Some Docker

I really wish there was Go is there, and for my next role I have decided I would want to move away from PHP as I don’t like the ecosystem surrounding it.

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