Bailey Matthews

I develop software that adopts a spectacular UI/UX design and utilises future technologies to ensure a scalable backend foundation and an engaging front-end.

United Kingdom
Available for hire

My Projects

GitHub repositories that I've built or I'm a main contributor to.

A Go library for the UnbelievaBoat Discord bot API.
Documentation for the KoalaBoat Discord bot.
The Heliohost link exchange program
Scaffold out a Standard Readme
JavaScript 0 0
A "Game of Cards" game written in Python 3 for my Computer Science GCSE.
Python 0 0
:closed_book: A minimal Markdown editor desktop app
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🃏 A magical documentation site generator.
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My Interests

Topics that I want to learn more about.

My Thoughts

Articles I've written.

Because Python is awesome, but whitespace is awful.
May 05, 2019

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